HearingFUSION Overview

What do Hearing Healthcare Practice Owners and Providers Want?

We Hear You


The Next Generation OMS

“You’ve Been Heard.”

We asked Owners, Providers and Industry Experts what they want in an Office Management System (OMS).

The responses followed one guiding principle: Our customers want to manage and maintain their data to advance their business, and ultimately maximize patient care and satisfaction.

With this philosophy at our core, we are proud to introduce HearingFUSION.

Empower your Practice

HearingFUSION is the most innovative, intuitive, and comprehensive OMS in the industry.

#1 in Support

“What are all the bells and whistles without First-Class Customer Service, Support and Training?”

We understand the critical role an OMS plays in your practice. Our staff is available to answer your questions and resolve your inquiries in a timely and concerned manner.

We stand behind our product. Your staff should be doing what they do best, not troubleshooting software. No matter the question, do not hesitate to contact your support representative.


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